We're getting married!

Wedding Postponed :(

We’re sad but feel it’s necessary to postpone our large wedding celebration. We were so excited to see many friends, coming from all over the country (and world). We hoped to safely celebrate, including hugs and dancing in close proximity.

With the uncertainty around the delta variant, we’ve decided that we’d prefer to postpone our large celebration until we can safely celebrate with everyone (and not worry about someone getting sick at our wedding).

We understand that many of you have made travel plans to attend and we hope the airlines will work with you to help with refunds / changes. Delta Airlines, for example, is now allowing basic economy tickets to be changed or cancelled (in exchange for a flight voucher to be used before Dec 2022; we hope that it’s safe to fly before then!). AirBnB hosts may be able to be flexible with cancellations since this is due to the pandemic. If this is putting you in a bad spot, please get in touch with us.

We’ll give it a few months for things to cool down, and hope to come up with a date to celebrate with y’all in 2022.