We're getting married!


August 14, 2021

Atlanta, Georgia

Venue: Trees Atlanta

Music: https://www.chanceswithwolves.com/

Locals: bring a plate of cookies if you can. Everyone will bring home a cookie bag at the end of the night!

Casual attire - whatever makes you feel festive!


Your presence is gift enough! We are not gifty people and would prefer not to receive physical gifts (unless they’re edible).

If you would like to give us a gift (and it is entirely your choice), we prefer one of these options:

  1. Make a donation to Concrete-Jungle, a non profit started by Craig and his friends to rescue abandoned fruit and vegetables to share with those in need.
  2. We love homemade art / crafts! Break out the finger paints and make us something to celebrate and remember our wedding.
  3. For those local to Atlanta, please consider bringing a plate of cookies! We’ll have a cookie room at Trees Atlanta where all our guests can make their own cookie medley to bring home at the end of the evening (plus unlimited cookies while you’re there)