More Design Thoughts

Sketching a skirt with a cup of coffee is a wonderful quiet moment at the beginning of my day.

Design ideas so far: I really am drawn to wool right now, probably because it’s cold in Atlanta and my sewing space. That’s reflected in my Pinterest board, which I’ve built so far with pure crow brain (just grab whatever appeals in any way) over two 10 minute sessions. This skirt will be completed in probably March-April, which means warmth here (70s-80s temps) so I’m going to turn on the space heater and look for more summery styles in the next few Pinterest sessions.

A couple of croquis pose thoughts. I like having my knees facing toward the camera. It makes it easier for me to draw fabric drape – more neutral. And wearing shoes is so much better than weird sock feet! That said, the next time I take photos for the croquis, I want to make extra sure that my camera is level and pointing at my body from the most neutral angle – there’s possibly something weird going on with camera angles and my shape for the photo that is the basis of the outline below. I think there might be a bit of downward tilt to the camera. Time will tell.

This morning I “tried on” a trumpet skirt on my custom croquis and was surprised at how much I liked the silhouette on my shape. It was a surprise to be surprised. Neat!

I was surprised at how much I liked this style on my silhouette.